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20Mg Accutane Progress

Posted by Sanchoroo, 31 March 2013 · 1,251 views

It has been a beautiful two weeks. i recently have been for the most part clear!!! Yeah son!! anywho, im only on 20mg and have been on it for 6.5 months. seriously life changing. i wish my skin can stay like this forever. i had chronic cystic acne for the longest time ever, and i was fed up with it. i couldnt even lay down without feeling pain on my back or chest. my only worries are that it'll come back. so, im going to see another dermatologist next week, i really hope i can get the tane prescribed at a higher dose. idk, ive been taking my meds from mexico and idk if the derm here will give me a chance of taking it. fingers crossed, i wanna be freeeeeeeee! wish me luck. 

Awesome :) I just started my treatment last week. Your story helped a lot! Thanks for posting!! My face has been getting so dry!!!! What am moisturizers do you use?

hey there, that's great news that you are now clear!


But how longer will you have to stay on accutane? I heard that anything over 6 months is not recommended, regarless of the dose.


how much you pay for accutane in Mexico??? I have no insurance so it comes out of my pocket


hopefully you will be done soon!

@Omie: i use cetaphil oily skin moisturizer. i use it just because, my skin isnt dry or oily on 20mg, its normalish.


@Catlover2012: i dont know how much longer ill stay on it. it really is my dads choice of how much longer he wants to pay. i havent talked to the mex. derm since 6 months ago, i just pick up the tane every month. my dad pays about 80 bucks for 30 pills of 20mg. i really should be on something like 80-120mg/day to get some type of remission. oh how i wish derms here in the U.S. could cut the crap.

*cetaphil oil control moisturizer*, my bad

Good luck!! :) I also bought accutane in Mexico, I didn't think it was so controlled over there. The pharmacist gave me a hard time trying to buy it. Anyways, how much did you pay for it?? And did you ever experince any type of rash on your arms during accutane?? I've been on it for 26 days so far. But I just recently got a rash (very itchy the first day) I've had it for 3 days now. Im scared it might be something serious.... I don't know If I should stop taking it or go back to Mexico and buy another month supply....

sorry for the lag, i got it for 80 bucks, 30 pills of 20mg. the first month or two id get dry skin in the back of my hands and arms. i kinda liked it tho. its not something to get worried about. are you on 20mg also? my derm told me the highest they prescribe in mex is 20mg, so im kinda stuck taking that dose. i say go back and buy some more! ive been on it for 6.5 months and its proven to have some good results so far, i still have like 2 zits on my arms and a ton of scarring, but other than that im good! im surprised such a low dose gave me these results, i just hope they last.

Yeah I'm also on 20 mg a day. The doc in Mx told me the same thing, that they only sell 20 mg no more than that. I actually paid 75 dollars for accutane BUT I had to pay the doc 30 dollars for a "consultation" basically for her to write the prescription because the pharmacist would not sell accutane without a prescription. So overall it cost me 100 dollars. I think I'm going to stop taking accutane. The rash on my arm keeps getting worse. The rash feels very rough and its starting to peel. Depending on when the rash goes away ( really hoping it goes fast ) I'll go back to taking accutane. It really did wonders on me for only taking it for a month. But this rash has me very woried......

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