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Dan's Regimen: Month 2

Posted by Augustus46, 18 April 2013 · 507 views

Hey readers!
I am currently on my second week of my third month but I was not able to post my Month 2 results! This month was really weird since I was in South Korea for 10 days for a study tour. Although I ran on 5 hours of sleep daily, did not exercise, and ate really delicious/unhealthy foods, my skin got better by the end of the trip. I think it was the cold and dry air because I still strongly believe that there is a correlation between acne and diet. Below is my short diary of my weekly progress. I still have this cycle of having clear skin and then eruptions of breakouts. However, if you compare my Month 1 with this, you can clearly tell that there is a HUGE improvement. My cheeks are also 90% clearer and the only pimples that appear are next my jawline. Thank you for reading and I will hopefully have good news for you for Month 3!
Month 2
   Week 5: jawline breakout (cheese
   And crappy food), left side perfect
   right side breakout on whole face                     
   Week 6: breakout died down, March 20th beg. of Korea trip
   Week 7: Korea trip breakout, all healed but one massive one
   Week 8: Back in LA, Clear for 3 days then breakout on whole jawline, very little redness only

:) @ delicious unhealthy foods. Yumm!

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