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Week 7 - Day 46

Posted by jmcsm, 20 April 2008 · 222 views

daily updates
AM - Nothing new  :dance: Skin is still a little dry though. I forgot to use the ACV :redface:. I am wondering if using too much moisturiser along my jawline is causing me to break out more but I'm not sure . I might be getting paranoid.  :dance: SO I picked at my blackheads. I never learn. I hope they don't turn into inflamed acne.. :)

PM - I tried moisturising right after my shower..not sure how well it went though. The top half was ok but the bottom half of my face was still very dry. I put on BP after that. I also added soem moisturiser to the bottom part of my face. Right side of my face is all red and some parts of my forehead as well because of my picking earlier :(. My skin stays red for a long time after I pick at it.

Breakfast - Milo with supplements, tuna and egg sandwich
Lunch - White rice, green vegetables, chicken, steamed egg
Diner - White rice, fish, acat, shell fish
Others ACV with water

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