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Week 6 - Day 40

Posted by jmcsm, 15 April 2008 · 260 views

daily updates
AM - Was rushing because I woke up late but I managed to do the full regimen. But didn't manage to get my ACV drink done. Will still drink it later though. My face is still the same and so is my back. I am going to ignore the spots and just do the regimen faithfully. My skin is already smooth and not flaky any more so I am thankful for that.

PM - My temples and cheeks and jawline is braking out in huge spots. They will surely leave red marks. I skipped ACV toner tonight. I notice that the red marks on my right cheek which vere very prominent is lightening very well. Hopefully it is nto the ACV that is breaking me out. There are too many variables at the moment. It is the time of the month and me starting ACV. So I'm going to continue ACV till the end of the month and see how it goes from there.

Breakfast - Milo with supplements, Cream puff
Lunch - Sushi set, Chicken hot dog
Dinner - White rice, fish, chicken salad
Others - ACV with water, orange, Vitagen cultured milk

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