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Day 16.. Ouch What The Hell?

Posted by Sickofyuckskin, 19 March 2013 · 501 views

I woke up this morning with a big zit on the back of my neck right by my hair line.
It kind of hurts but thankfully it's not on my face. I would take a picture of it, but I can't seem to get a good one so I'll just keep you posted on it's "daily activities." I put Ziana on it not too long ago so hopefully it disappears in a few days at most.
Daily Pictures
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Day 15 AM after wash
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Day 15 AM after wash
No difference in redness but I feel like the last of the bumps under my skin are finally starting to surface. Hopefully I don't break out ridiculously again, but this time I'm prepared. Posted Image
Got another job interview Thursday! Hopefully my face won't look atrocious. Posted Image 
***Edit*** 10:13 PM Just washed my face before bed. I feel a bad breakout coming. My face is tingling like last time and it's blotchy. I am dreading tomorrow.

great blog!


i think your skin is improving which is good.


Also don't worry about getting the odd pimple as with most topical treatment you may get a few time to time until you pretty much stop breaking out!


keep up the good work dude

Thank you for the feedback! :D I really appreciate it!!

your still in the early stages so don't get too discouraged if you break out and then clear up again etc its a cycle that usually happens with a lot of topicals

Haha yeah I broke out pretty hard! Check out my new blog entry. Guhhhh!!! Have you been on Ziana too? 


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