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Day 8. My Face Is Really Dry.

Posted by Sickofyuckskin, 11 March 2013 · 458 views

Ugh my face is really dry and itchy!! I think by tomorrow I will start flaking (I'm not sure how I feel about this).
The spreading down my neck has seemed to stop. I really hope the redness in my cheeks will go away soon.
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Day 8 AM after wash
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Day 8 AM after wash
***PM Update***
So, I was inspecting my face after my shower around 11PM and I didn't see any white or black heads in the area between where the side of my nose and cheek meet!!! Since I started getting ance, I ALWAYS had something there, be it a bunch of small blackheads or white heads. I'm just really surprised!!
-end PM rant

You are taking ziana? .025 tretinoin? They say it takes 1 month before you start seeing better results and approximately 4-6 months to see great results. Your skin will get worse for the first month or so because your skin cell turnover is increased because of Tretinoin and your acne is coming to the surface at a much faster rate. Hang in there girl.

Your regimen is perfection. Six months from now, you wont even remember those pics and how your face felt! The key is, once your skin is clear, keep using everything you use now so you never slip backwards. Peace!

Yup, I'm taking Ziana (clindamycin phosphate 1.2% and trentinoin 0.025%) Gel. 


I'm expecting the worst and hoping I can live thru the humiliation for at least 3 more months.


Thanks for the encouragement! :) 


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