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Day 6. When Will This End?

Posted by Sickofyuckskin, 09 March 2013 · 517 views

It's day 6 and my acne seems to be spreading further down my neck. It's quite upsetting. Today I started my new cycle of birth control so lets see if it helps. ::crossing fingers:: I consulted a good friend who went through the whole antibiotic, gel, and wipe routine and she said that it'll get better soon (probably).I hope she's right.  Da...

Day 5. And I Thought Yesterday Was Bad...

Posted by Sickofyuckskin, 08 March 2013 · 373 views

My face is a disaster. I have NEVER seen it this bad.  I basically have about a million little zits all over my cheeks. Some are also starting to form on my neck. It's really gross and I really feel like crawling into a deep dark hole and crying. Hesitantly, I showed my boyfriend this morning and he was very supportive. I am soo l...

Holy Fukkkk! Day 4

Posted by Sickofyuckskin, 07 March 2013 · 634 views
Broke out with a million little zits!!! UGHHHhhh Last night my skin felt a little warm and funny, so I knew something was up, but WTF! It's quite bizarre because my main acne problem has always been gigantic zits, not really the small ones. I'm hoping to God they go away soon because my skin has NEVER looked this bad.    (I'm...

Day 3

Posted by Sickofyuckskin, 06 March 2013 · 451 views

I can already tell that my skin got a lot smoother and softer after this morning's shower. But for some reason (could be my imagination or lighting), I feel like my skin got a lot more blotchy... Blotchy as in, redder. Oh well, at least there aren't any new zits popping up!  Day 3 AM after shower  Day 3 AM after shower  Day 3 AM hq pic...

Day 1... Well, Maybe Day 2.

Posted by Sickofyuckskin, 05 March 2013 · 503 views

[s]I realized I don't really like writing blogs.  I actually don't mind anymore, but I would much rather post a lot of pictures. Therefore, I will be making this my acne picture blog! http://www.acne.org/...fault/smile.png   A little about me:  I am 24, asian, and have had mild-moderate acne sin...


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