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Week 1.. Dun Dun Duh!

Posted by willc94, 03 March 2013 · 305 views

Well this first update is a little pre-mature since it is only the start of Day 6, but I plan on doing updates every Sunday, so from now on Sunday will be the update day!
WEEK 1!!
Well, I took the big step I desperately wanted to avoid.  I started Accutane. I'm not going to lie, I haven't gone a day without reading the terrible reviews, stories, and miserable list of side-effects that come along with this drug since popping the first pill. ITS SCARY! But, I have tried everything else, and I reached the point where I was ready to take a risk.  The reward may be great, or it may make my life hell. We will just have to wait and find out! Posted Image
Anyways, Week 1 wasn't bad.  I have been sick for the past 2 weeks with STREP and now and ear infection, so I haven't really been able to do anything.  It's been freezing cold outside, so I haven't been missing out on much.  My lips are starting to dry out but guess what, I'm one step ahead of you accutane... I have stocked up on the aquaphor and you aren't beating me.  My face has also been feeling the effects already, which I guess is good! Posted Image
My main worry about accutane is actually the side-effects with joint pain.  I'm very active and have always been a serious athlete.  So, today I am going to GNC (if they are open) and picking up GNC Triflex, more of a preventative measure than anything else at this point, but I'm staying 1 step ahead of this bad boy Posted Image . I will also be picking up Vitamin D and Vitamin E. Posted Image
As for the INITIAL BREAKOUT.. well I thought I may have been starting it on Day 3........ but no, not yet. Posted Image  I don't think it has hit me yet, so I'll still be waiting.  I will be using a Neutrogena spot treatment for anything that does pop up, its a Salicylic Acid spot treatment thing, so I might experience a little bit of "drying out" but I'm not anticipating anything to awful.  
There really isn't to much to report thus far, but I will be keeping you guys updated and crossing my fingers, praying, and doing everything I possibly can to reduce the side-effects.Posted Image
1 week down, about 20ish more to go!Posted Image
See you around, 

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