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Day Fifty Five

Posted by kevinlowder, 23 April 2013 · 285 views

So my progress has officially plateaued... :( I'm excited for my next visit to the doctor because I would really like to be off of this stuff as soon as possible. It's such a hassle taking it and it's difficult being consistent with it. I'm doing well with my side effects (or lack therof) and I really couldn't complain except for the current situation haha. I get comments saying I look gaunt? -______________________- I look fine, I don't feel exhausted unlike others who mention that they feel tired or even lethargic all of the time. I'm able to go to the gym every day and I'm only sore in my muscles, not my bones. Running is fine for me. :D All is well.

Glad to hear it! Keep up the struggle acne can't win against accutane!

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