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My Journey.

Day Ninety With A Picture!

Posted by kevinlowder, 08 June 2013 · 321 views

Day Ninety With A Picture! So here I was under the impression my account got deleted.. -___________- It was up all along! D: So the two pictures on the left are day one, and the one on the right is day ninety. I am taking a six day break because my script is not filled quite yet, it takes forever usually... 

Still Haven't Figured It Out...

Posted by kevinlowder, 21 May 2013 · 248 views

So i'm 100% clear to where I have a freckle that I never knew I had hahaha. Even though I still have 2 more months after this course is done and I honestly cannot wait at all. aeehdwewg g dfdsfdhrfyhh xjshhhsHHQUH

I Lost Track

Posted by kevinlowder, 18 May 2013 · 563 views

It's been a minute since I've been on here! I've raised my dose with the ungodly expensive 30 mg. twice a day. If there is one recommendation I can make- Don't start this unless you have some money put away, or unless your insurance rocks because mine CLEARLY does not. -___- Anyways.  I'm dryer than I ever have been, my face isn't as red though,...

Day Fifty Five

Posted by kevinlowder, 23 April 2013 · 286 views

So my progress has officially plateaued... :( I'm excited for my next visit to the doctor because I would really like to be off of this stuff as soon as possible. It's such a hassle taking it and it's difficult being consistent with it. I'm doing well with my side effects (or lack therof) and I really couldn't complain except for the current situation hah...

Day Forty Four.

Posted by kevinlowder, 13 April 2013 · 471 views

So far so decent. I'm on the same dose as last month, so I'm quite positive that my progress has plateaued and I won't start seeing anything huge until I raise it to the 60 mg. a day that my doctor wanted me to do this month. My only complaints now are how dry I am (inside and out, I feel very dehydrated, granted, however, there is zeroooooo precipitation...

Day Thirty

Posted by kevinlowder, 29 March 2013 · 367 views

I wish I had marvelous news but I really don't haha. The doc wanted to raise my dose, but I denied that at $700.00 for the next thirty days... So I'm still on 40mg. a day and I'm terrified I may plateau.. :( but from day 60-90 I hope to raise it to at least 60 or so a day to get this process going further. -.- but other than that, my skin looks wonderful!...

Day Twenty Four.

Posted by kevinlowder, 24 March 2013 · 525 views

Colorado serves my skin ZERO justice... It's so dry, cold, and ruins it. The bloody noses have persisted quite a bit, although I barely get them now since I've been putting aquaphor in my nose :P My hair is dry to the point where whenever I wash it, the two times a week that I do (if that), I am not shampooing, I'm only using deep conditioner. Which I can...

Day Nineteen.

Posted by kevinlowder, 18 March 2013 · 613 views

So I decided (out of laziness and over anticipation) to postpone images until I'm more into my treatment. :P This stuff really is amazing and I still am doing research as to how it does what it does... After tomorrow, I'll be done with my second pack of ten gels which I'm pretty stoked about. As far as continued side effects go... Pain all over my body ha...

Day Ten.

Posted by kevinlowder, 09 March 2013 · 670 views

Pretty crazy stuff! Day ten, just finished my first pack of ten gels, and I quit paying attention to my skin, honestly, and I've been going off of opinions. All I've really heard was that my skin is REALLY improving. And I'm red, dry, peeling, my lips are annoying... Really, the only part of me really broken out is my forehead. In cosmetology school, I le...

Day Four.

Posted by kevinlowder, 03 March 2013 · 384 views
So I didn't really want to post again so soon, but I had to because this stuff is really working already! It's crazy, I've already went into my initial breakout which is hideous but I guess that means it's working? I've kept my skincare routine the same... I currently use Dior HydraLife Créme Confort Pro-Jeunesse, which is really thick, but I think I...

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