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Day Eighteen

Posted by Kaelivia, 10 March 2013 · 502 views

Things are looking up! My skin is a lot smoother, and there are a lot less spots. My forehead and nose are completely clear, my cheeks are covered with red marks and dry flaky ex-spots, but both of these are fading/disappearing. My chin is still the worst area, with three active spots and a lot of marks, dead flaky spots. But it is so much better! And every day there is even more improvement. I do seem to have a rather large spot growing on the underside of my chin, by my neck, where I never get spots, but that is the only new breakout. 
I've added the simple scrub to my regime, and the Witch Blemish Stick to tackle those big pesky remaining spots. So now it's:
Wash with Water and some Cotton Wool
Treat with Witch Blemish Stick
Wash with Simple Facial Wash
Treat with Witch Blemish Stick
(Every Other Night) Moisturise with Simple Light Hydrating Moisturiser
(Twice a Week) Exfoliate with Simple Smoothing Scrub
I've also started drinking carrot juice which, whilst tasting disgusting, might be making quite a bit of difference to my skin. I just hope things continue to get better. I've almost been on the Dianette for just over two weeks, and the antibiotics for almost three weeks. 

I drank massive amounts of carrot juice. The brand I take actually is really yummy tasting. I believe that high doses of vitamin A always help the complexion. Best of luck. Your regimen sounds awesome.

Thank you :-) I'm trying mixing the carrot juice with orange to see if I like the taste better. 

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