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A Rosacea Diagnosis

Posted by snowlife10, 10 March 2013 · 765 views
So, while I came back to this site a year after Accutane to talk about dealing with moderate acne and sensitive skin. In the past two weeks I started getting really tight, dry skin (presumably from the dry, hot weather). However I have had never dealt with that much tightness so I went to see the dermatologist. I am still getting some pimples especia...

Cover Up/ Makeup Tips

Posted by snowlife10, 15 February 2013 · 905 views
moderate- to severed
Hi, As much as I hate the implications of saying to cover up acne and everyone who used to tell me not to worry about I still got very good at covering up my spots. I do not have some crazy routine that involves layers of foundation or stuff like that. My skin shows redness really easily. Even a moderate pimple will leave a mark for a few days. I am...


Posted by snowlife10, 14 February 2013 · 699 views
postaccutane mild to moderate
Hi!    I used to have an account here when  I was on Accutane a year ago. I forgot all my stuff and log in etc. I am starting this a year later as I hope I can help other people out. My skin was amazing after Accutane for 5 months. Acne started returning usually mild with some moderate to severe flare ups. I have been frustrated in trying to find a...

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