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Posted by Krissy Melo, 24 February 2013 · 534 views

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so I started using the Retin-A and The Regimen hoping that everything would work perfectly and things would be great.....and so far its been a disaster! The other night when I was applying the Retin-A, I went too far down and spread some on my neck...check out what happened...
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and today, i went to put on some make-up for the first time since i've done the Retin-A and this is what it ended up looking like......
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a dry flakey disaster!! and i used TONS of moisturizer..before i applied, while i was applying and even after i applied my make-up to see if it would help! NOPE!
So i descided to take some pics of my skin so I could see how things are progressing...and noticing the date, its really only been like a week and a half, but it feel like its been sooooooooo much longer!! and I'm not really seeing much improvement...
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how long until i see some real improvement? and how do i get rid of this bumpy neck rash the damn Retin-A caused and when will i be able to wear makeup without it looking like a disgusting flakey mess?!?!!?
Ugh, I'm so frustrated...

Hi hun, its way early in your treatment so prepare yourself for the ups and downs.  Also, you should not do both the regimen AND retin a.  Do one or the other


Good Luck - I can relate as i have tried so many things and i still have acne.


Here's to hoping we both find some relief from this disease

don't be frustrated, keep at your skincare. like sasch said up there, I don't think it's a good idea to wombo combo your skincare items like that. it seems a bit much but if you know your skin can handle it then do what you see fit!

thanks girls :) i stopped using the "treatment" part of the regimen, and my skin is a lot less flakey. its just so frusterating to have to deal with this  :(  and the next person that tells me my skin is "a mess" is gonna get slapped lmao how do you guys deal with people making comments about your skin? what do you do?

fortunately for me I haven't yet run into anyone obnoxious enough to tell me my skin is "horrid" or point out any current breakouts.


I honestly would tell them to go #$%^ themselves and walk away. I know initially it's hard not to let hurtful comments get to you even if they're from some random person. At the end of the day, my job isn't to court people I don't like anyway. 


The only people I would never mind comments from (because I know they're not made out of ignorance) are my close friends,mother and people from acne.org community. 

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