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50 Dayssss

Posted by ColoradoSky55, 25 March 2013 · 349 views

Hey, Hey Crowd,
So it's been fifty days on Claravis. Honestly cannot believe it's already been that long... but things seem to be halting. I have my next dermatologist appointment a week from today and am debating asking about being raised to 80 mg a day. My face has improved, don't get me wrong, but I am still getting a few break-outs that I don't think should be happening. I could just be impatient, though, not gonna lie and the Accutane may still be "working its way through my system".
Let's see, I have a baby cyst on my chin, a new cyst on my left cheek, and a few breakouts on the left side of my forehead. Plus, leftover red marks that will go away with time (but these are freaking annoying). So, I'm really leaning towards the 80 mg route haha. Anyways, that's 50 days in. Update in about a week.

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