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How to really get rid of acne

Important Things To Do About Acne

Posted by purplepinyata11, 08 February 2013 · 556 views
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Alright. Here are a few acne tips that I may be restating, but that are extremely important. -The only times you should be touching your face is when you are applying products to it-Drink lots of water, about a gallon THROUGHOUT the day, not all at once. This will flush out necessary things, besides toxins-Have a positive attitude about your acne-Eat...

Drinking Water Is Crucial

Posted by purplepinyata11, 05 February 2013 · 619 views

Drinking tons of water is so important. I cannot even stress how important this is. I use a Camelback water bottle, which is 750 mL when filled. I usually drink about five or more, adding up to a grand total of 3750 mL. You have to drink an inhuman amount of water for the toxins from the food and drinks you put into your body to go out of your b...

Easy Acne Diet

Posted by purplepinyata11, 05 February 2013 · 569 views

Ok, so we have taken care of the outside of your face, but why is acne still occurring then? Well it makes sense doesn't it? Acne comes from the inside out. So, if you have been cleansing your face twice daily for a few weeks, and acne is still coming, then you know its something you are putting into your body, that your body has rejected and is trying to...

The Regimen And Acne Products

Posted by purplepinyata11, 04 February 2013 · 610 views
acne, regimen, routine, products
Ok, so this is a list of the products that have been super effective for me. I use acne.org's cleanser, followed by the treatment of the same brand, then the moisturizer. After the moisturizer, I either use the AHA or bio oil (purcillin oil). I do this morning and night. In the middle of the afternoon, when my face tends to get greasy and yucky, I use a h...

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