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Tanning And Acne

Posted by ClearUpAcne, in Lifestyle 29 January 2013 · 1,063 views

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Is it just me, or does it seem like every summer my skin become remarkably clearer? I spend hours outside building up this bronze tone, only to have it fade in the long fall and winter months ahead. But in the midst of this struggle, there’s hope. Artificial sunlight. But will this really do the trick? Let’s find out.
Tanning and burning whether from the sun or a lamp can cause long term side effects such as wrinkles or even skin cancer. Tan responsibly. 
First of all, speaking by the method of common sense, tanning helps acne. Acne is a bump or protrusion on the skin, but most pimples will spend the bulk of its life as a flat discoloration. So, in essence, tanning can be used to hide the remains of each pimple. But does tanning help cure or prevent acne?
The short answer is no. Tanning does nothing but aggravate the skin, and potentially causes more acne and more oil. The light may dry the skin out, but this is unhealthy for your skin. Another reason is many acne medicines, washes, and creams increase your susceptibility to being burnt.
Bottom Line: Tanning may cover up acne, but it won’t clear it up.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on tanning and acne. Obviously I don't tan. I have naturally tan skin even though sometimes I feel really pale, like during the long MN winters I contend with each season. I used to lay out in the sun, to feel the warm sun on my body. It was nice. I am curious about your regimen. How do you fight acne. If you are willing to share that would be nice. Peace!

I would love to share my regimen with you, and I have a nice long post on my website, but if I posted that it would be seen as advertising, I can message you the link!

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