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Day 25 Side Effects

Posted by FuzzyWuzzy, 25 January 2013 · 367 views

I just wanted to say that just for one day now i've been following this Regimen and it I did not get anymore white heads over night! I recommend this to the fullest! My face finally can just focus...

Doxycycline, Tretinoin Cream, Clindamycin Day 23

Posted by FuzzyWuzzy, 23 January 2013 · 1,606 views
doxycycline, tretinoin and 1 more...
Okay! So i'm new to this website. I bestowed upon it the days I was really depressed about my acne about 20 days ago when I started my prescription 23 days ago which is Doxycycline 100mg, taking twice daily (one in the morning one at night). I just wanted to document my journey because I've found everyone else's blogs to be useful for me so I hope to in the...

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