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Accutane Day 20

Posted by SammyJeann, 07 February 2013 · 1,860 views

Hey guys! So I'm a little down... I've been breaking out recently. I have 5 huge pimples on my right cheek.  Before accutane I never had that many at one time.  These ones are big and they hurt. I have one pimple on my left cheek and a couple small ones on my forehead and chin. I look gross when I wear makeup to try to cover them....

Accutane Day 16

Posted by SammyJeann, 03 February 2013 · 622 views
accutane, claravis, acne, pimples and 5 more...
Hey! My dark spots are beginning to fade. They are still very noticeable, but I do see the improvement.  I have two new pimples on my right cheek.  A couple that are beginning to go away on my forehead and no active ones on my left cheek. I still have the same side effects, in addition to some new ones.  My face and lips are still...

Accutane Day 10

Posted by SammyJeann, 28 January 2013 · 872 views

Hey everyone! My acne does seem to be clearing up a bit. I hope this continues and that I don't experience an initial break out.  The dark marks, which were my main problem to begin with have also begun fading a little bit. As for side effects, my lips are dry. My skin is also dry but not nearly as dry as I expected it to be. I use Cerave s...

Accutane Week 1

Posted by SammyJeann, 25 January 2013 · 980 views
accutane, claravis, week 1 and 2 more...
Hey guys!
So I've taken my seventh pill of Claravis.  For the most part I feel fine.  I haven't noticed any improvement and my acne is only slightly worse than before I started accutane.
My face is starting to get more dry.  But it is definitely not too bad and I can still wear makeup, although by the end of the day my face looks cakey...

Accutane Day 4

Posted by SammyJeann, 22 January 2013 · 2,087 views
accutane, claravis, blog, acne
Hey everyone!
Well, like a lot of you I've been suffering from acne for a long time, since I was about 12 years old.  There seemed to be some years where it wasn't so bad and others where it was. Three years ago I had a bad breakout but Retin-A really cleared it and all of my dark spots up very fast. My skin never looked better. This past June I...

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