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Cleansing Without Compromise: The Impact Of Cleansers On The Skin Barrier And The Technology Of Mild Cleansing

Posted by callendula, in pH info 10 June 2014 · 216 views


Cleanser technology has come a long way from merely cleansing to providing mildness and moisturizing benefits as well. It is known that harsh surfactants in cleansers can cause damage to skin proteins and lipids, leading to after-wash tightness, dryness, barrier damage, irritation, and even it...

Ph-Induced Alterations In Stratum Corneum Properties.

Posted by callendula, in pH info 10 June 2014 · 129 views


Skin-cleansing compositions based on alkyl carboxylates (soaps) have a higher irritation potential than those based on syndet surfactants such as alkyl isethionates or alkyl ether sulphates. Contributing factors include inherent differences in the irritation potential of soaps and syndet surf...

The Ph Of The Skin Surface And Its Impact On The Barrier Function.

Posted by callendula, in pH info 10 June 2014 · 174 views


The 'acid mantle' of the stratum corneum seems to be important for both permeability barrier formation and cutaneous antimicrobial defense. However, the origin of the acidic pH, measurable on the skin surface, remains conjectural. Passive and active influencing factors have been proposed, e.g...

Challenges And Opportunities In Dermal/transdermal Delivery

Posted by callendula, in pH info 10 June 2014 · 155 views

The pH of the skin’s surface has been reported to be in the range of 5.4 to 5.9 and is important in the maintenance of skin barrier function  and defense against infection and disease [88 ]. The skin also has an excellent buffering capacity against large changes in pH. Albeit, external fac...

A Guide To The Ingredients And Potential Benefits Of Over-The-Counter Cleansers And Moisturizers For Rosacea Patients

Posted by callendula, in pH info 10 June 2014 · 139 views

It is difficult for rosacea patients to discern which products and ingredients will be beneficial to their skin and which products will lead to an exacerbation of the signs and symptoms of rosacea. In this paper, the authors provide a brief overview of rosacea, its pathogenesis, signs and sympto...

The Alkaline Ph-Adapted Skin Barrier Is Disrupted Severely By Sls-Induced Irritation

Posted by callendula, in pH info 10 June 2014 · 133 views


The pH of the healthy skin is 5.5 and maintained by many regulatory mechanisms. The pH of the skin care product we use on a daily basis can have an influence on the skin properties. To investigate how the physical properties of skin change after the alkaline or acidic pH of the skin care produ...

Paula's Choice Product Progress Blog

Posted by callendula, 09 June 2014 · 663 views

Going to put my info here here so I can keep track of it, and if anyone wants to check it out, maybe it will benefit you when using her products yourself.
So, I've been using Dianna Yvonne's 2% SA Exfol Serum for a year or so. I've gone through 2 bottles. As I neared the end of my second bottle, I thought about reordering but, I didn't think it was...

Clinical Implications Of Lipid Peroxidation In Acne Vulgaris: Old Wine In New Bottles

Posted by callendula, 06 February 2014 · 266 views

Basically reviewing if lipid peroxidation is the beginning of acne and if antioxidants which prevent such breakdown can control acne. Also, may be why certain meds work like retinol, birth control, etc which all show  antioxidant properties and anti inflmamtory response.