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Help! Dry Lips!

Posted by Mila88, 26 January 2013 · 651 views

What do you use for your dry lips ?

Seriously my lips are so dry and the corners are so cracked I can't even eat and have to drink from a straw :( I'm literally dreading brushing my teeth. Right now I'm using aquaphor and caramex a d it's not helping!! :-(

I use Aquaphor. My lips are chapped and feel sunburnt. But not dry....yet.

I use Aquaphor. My lips are never dry with them on. Are you using enough Aquaphor and are you drinking enough water? Are you accidentally wiping off the Aquaphor?

Use aquaphot 24/7 even in public. And before you go to bed put a ton on your lips and the same when you wake up. Also apply every time after you eat or drink.

I have had some pretty awful experiences with dry chapped lips. I find using a LOT of vaseline all over my lips has worked the most effectively. Even pile it on before you go to sleep. Hope this helps :) 

Use bag balm, its in a big green container..you can get it at walgreens. It's good stuff. I used it when i got my tattoo and use it whenever I get really dry patches of skin. Also heard from other ppl on accutane have used bag balm.for extremely chapped lips and it has helped them.

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