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Bumpy Ride

Posted by elliew8, 11 June 2013 · 578 views

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So I haven't posted since Thursday and the main reason is because I've been feeling awful about my skin :( I was doing so well and then Friday morning I woke up with a painful cyst right above my eyebrow...which is making me realise that I'm getting better at not picking but as soon as I get a bigger spot it's like I go into overdrive and start panicking.
I tried to wait until I got into work before messing with it but instead I poked it with a pin A LOT before I even left the house. I'm so disappointed because I think I'd have been able to stop myself had I waited. The ones I sometimes get above my eyebrow are more infected hair follicles or something and usually a pore (or hair) is visible but this time it wasn't. I knew I shouldn't have messed with it because for me when they don't have a pore it's ALWAYS best to leave well alone!
Which left me with a giant bump on my forehead and it was sooo painful everytime I made a facial expression with my eyebrows! It's still painful now but has gone down a lot, mainly because I've been icing it and using neosporin - which so far has made the scab come off but I'm still left with a bump.
Basically, lesson learned. On the other hand I have managed to abstain from picking much else and now the scab has come off I'm back on the wagon. So far it hasn't been too difficult because I've got a big ol reminder on my face about that damage that can be done from picking.
Luckily I didn't have a very busy weekend, but still forced myself to go out in spite of the giant golf ball on my head and yesterday I went netball which was a massive push for me - getting sweaty inevitably removes any concealer and natural sunlight shows my skin at its worst. I've got a busy week coming up though so I'm hoping nothing big comes up on my skin!
On a more positive note the rest of the skin on my forehead seems a bit smoother than usual. It's not exactly clear but the texture is seemingly better and I've only got a few closed comedones. It's only been a week of taking vitamin d but it's the only thing I've changed so I'm hoping it's having some good side effects but it's still too early to know for definite. On the whole it's been a tough few days for me but starting to feel like it's getting better and was just a little speed bump along the road to recovery :)

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