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Trying To Stay Optimistic

Posted by elliew8, 24 May 2013 · 762 views

scarring head & shoulders apple cider vinegar picking aloe vera vitamin d3
Ok so since my last post it's been a bit of a struggle... the boyfriend's been away and my skin hasn't been great, bad combination for not picking! Luckily I have managed to only keep it to a few individuals as opposed to a face full of scabs. That's optimism I suppose - even though I've picked, I can still appreciate that it could always be worse!
Although I am slightly worried that I've scarred myself...the 2 spots on my forehead that I messed with are looking much better (not raised or painful) but I've picked them and the scab so much that now I have 2 red holes in my head. This is not good :| I do generally heal well so I'm hoping that if I stop touching them they will go away/ fade, guess I'll have to keep applying aloe vera and see how it goes.
Also, I'm reconsidering the current regimen of head and shoulders with apple cider vinegar...I was thinking the H&S might be useful if my acne was fungal and I probably should be seeing some results by now but haven't seen much improvement. So I'm taking the H&S out of the equation and going to give the ACV a try on its own.
On a separate note I'm off on holiday on Thursday and I'm going to do an experiment with some vitamin d3. Last time I was in the sun my skin 99.9% cleared up but within 2 days of being home it was back to normal... so this time when I get home I'm going to start a 1000IU supplement and I should be able to see pretty quickly whether or not it works depending on how quickly/ severely my skin goes back to its current state. Plus if it doesn't work I could always use some extra vitamin d to trick myself into thinking I'm still on holiday!
I'm also going to try a new method when I'm on holiday by only letting myself pick something if I can feel it...generally there's a 3 day purge when I go in the sun and they always come up as painful ones (but usually have a pore and go down quite quickly) because I'm staying with my grandad and I've even got a picking routine at his house which I need to break desperately if I'm going to properly enjoy it without stressing about my skin!

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