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Slippery Slope

Posted by elliew8, 21 June 2013 · 374 views
Yep, I slipped up... but on the other hand it wasn't too bad. My biggest problem with picking is the shame I get afterwards and it usually doesn't go away until the picked areas have healed, but this time it was quite mild. It started with a random attack at a blackhead under my chin, which was utterly pointless...making me go searching for something else...

Well Yeah...duh

Posted by elliew8, 18 June 2013 · 534 views
picking, elastic band
I have come to the realisation that I can actually stop picking...it sounds obvious I know. Any previous futile attempts were merely wishful thinking, as a way to just convince myself that I was trying not to pick, and I think the reason I failed every time was because although I hoped I could stop picking, I didn't actually believe it. Now I know th...

Aversion Therapy

Posted by elliew8, 17 June 2013 · 646 views
elastic bands, picking, vitamin d
I am happy to report that since my last post there have been no major picking incidents. Admittedly I have picked a small whitehead and 2 comedones but I'd class these as pretty insignificant. Which leads me to believe that snapping an elastic band on my wrist actually works! Hurrah! The first time I tried this it was with a hair band and I only pinged it...

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Posted by elliew8, 14 June 2013 · 364 views
I'm still trying to resist the temptation to pick and somehow managing to stop myself...although if I keep looking in the mirror to check on the progress of the 2-in-1 comedone I'm going to end up messing with it. I don't understand why I feel the need to keep looking in the mirror though, it's like putting cake in front of someone on a diet! and yet I ju...


Posted by elliew8, 13 June 2013 · 527 views
picking, anxiety
So I picked the near-corner-of-mouth spot...it was hurting quite a lot and needed to relieve some of the pressure, I then looked at the rest of my skin and avoided picking the ominous bump above my eyebrow but apparently couldn't resist a little comedone that was jutting out of my forehead. 2 spots...I can deal with that - not great but not a disaster. Al...

Testing Times

Posted by elliew8, 12 June 2013 · 447 views
Perhaps the bump is finally going...wooohooo! It's stil quite tender if I prod it but facial expressions are now pain-free so I'm not complaining too much. The skin is getting a bit flakey so soon the remaining redness should be gone too, just got to leave it alone to flake off by itself. I did wake up in a bit of a panic this morning though, I saw a...

Bumpy Ride

Posted by elliew8, 11 June 2013 · 610 views
picking, cysts, neosporin, icing and 1 more...
So I haven't posted since Thursday and the main reason is because I've been feeling awful about my skin :( I was doing so well and then Friday morning I woke up with a painful cyst right above my eyebrow...which is making me realise that I'm getting better at not picking but as soon as I get a bigger spot it's like I go into overdrive and start panicking....

Just A Hiccup

Posted by elliew8, 06 June 2013 · 385 views
Things are going pretty well so far :) after yesterday's slip up picking the nostril pore, it got a bit swollen later in the day so I squeezed it and lots of gunk came out (very gross I know!) then last night it still felt like there was something lurking inside so I squeezed again and the last of it shot out (haha so disgusting yet so satisfying - I have...

Plain Sailing

Posted by elliew8, 05 June 2013 · 643 views
picking, vitamin d, scarring
Ok so it all feels a bit too good to be true at the minute and it's rather unsettling! I'm not used to feeling so carefree about my skin and not wearing a scrap of make up, it's such a good feeling and makes me realise it's so worth the effort of not picking. Even though I have a couple of comedones on my forehead I'm managing to ignore them. I know that...

Holiday High

Posted by elliew8, 04 June 2013 · 620 views
vitamin d, picking
So I'm back from holiday BOOOOOO! but on the plus side I'm experiencing post-holiday skin which means I'm feeling pretty good...when I was on holiday I got 2 painful ones with a pore which is usually how my skin purges in the sun, but luckily when I picked them (in the least damaging way) they went down without a scab woo! I also picked 2 minor blackheads...

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