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My Post-Birth Control Acne Blog

Accutane Day 162 - About 2 Weeks Left

Posted by pamphilia, 18 April 2013 · 489 views

I have been on accutane since nov 7. I am 5'7, 115 lb, fNov 7-dec 7 - 40 mgDec 7-jan 7 - 80 mgJan 7-april 7 - 120 mgApril 7 - present - 80 mgNo acne4 hyperpigmentation spots right cheekSlight dry lipsI have frequent nightmares and thoughts about my acne returning, particularly on the right side of my face. I had depression before accutane, then it went aw...

Accutane Day 96 120 Mg

Posted by pamphilia, 11 February 2013 · 669 views

Hello friends,Today is I think the 4th day of 120 mg and I felt like I was going to vom for much of the day and had no appetite. Also most importantly, I have a bunch of spots on my chin today!!! And I just got asked out on a date for a couple days from now. Do I agree to the date and just pray my skin will be okay or postpone? Or do I agree and cancel th...

Accutane Day 95 120 Mg

Posted by pamphilia, 10 February 2013 · 661 views

Hi, so I deleted my previous post because it was a really long rant with TMI in it.  It was from about 25 days ago I think.  At that time my skin was still pretty bad.  Long story short, my stats are that I am in my late 20s, I am 5'7", I weigh 120 lb., and I went on accutane for post-birth control acne. My accutane course has been:...

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