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The journey.

How I Love My Acne

Posted by Neve, 08 June 2013 · 742 views

As the active pimples become less and less often, I have uncovered a beautiful array of scars marking my skin. Even the tiniest zit leaves a deep red/purple/brown splotch that refuses to go away. This has brought back the ever so pleasant 20-min. Make-up layering ordeal. But although I don't have the confidence to face the world with my patchwork colored...


Posted by Neve, 27 January 2013 · 692 views

I am digging deep to understand my acne. I want to know what happens, why it happens and how I can prevent it. But everywhere I go I learn something else. Basicly I think I understand that my pores become filled with, dirt, oil, bacteria, etc. But it's when they become blocked by excess skin cells that results in pimples forming. Now if that's true the cure...

Cheating. Why?

Posted by Neve, 23 January 2013 · 570 views

I went into my clear skin journey on a mission, clear skin. So why would I make it harder for myself. I am so desperate to feel good about myself that I thought I could cheat my way to clear skin! NO NO NO, I need to cut my toner and I need to start waiting the appropriate time between steps, and I need to cut the facemasks. As I read the success stories...

Week One - In Review

Posted by Neve, 20 January 2013 · 518 views

Well I guess my first week is over, if you can call it that. I made a promise to myself that I am never going to feel like this again. I'm tired of being afraid of my reflection. This week hasn't been outstandingly different than any others. Some days I see progress in my skin, others I wan't to cry over what it's become. Either way I'm...

Why I Have Acne.

Posted by Neve, 20 January 2013 · 685 views

I don't really like to hear about acne history. It's a past that speaking about won't change, but I understand that for some people it helps them understand what they need to do now to avoid blemishes. I don't think it works that way for me.

I don't know why I have acne. I come from a very tiny school of only about 300 students, of...


Posted by Neve, 20 January 2013 · 530 views

Use Recommended products only
Keep hair off of skin
Keep hands off of skin
Wash hands before touching skin

What To Change? How To Get There?

Posted by Neve, 13 January 2013 · 217 views

I think acne.org has been an eye opener. I tried and I failed because of nothing but, myself and I am not the kind of person to crumble so easily. But my life is like running, I am really good at sprinting because I can push myself and work hard for those fifteen seconds. But when it comes to long distance I don't know how to pace myself and plan for...