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Week 14Ish Cortisone Shots

Posted by sal1917, 24 March 2013 · 496 views

So its about 9 days since I had the injections in my face and wow, the swelling has completely gone
and my cheek is flat for the first time since september hooray! now i can cover the red marks easily as they
are not all gross and bumpy. I wish I got one in my chin too cause it is still a big lump, Ill be back in 7 weeks
so I might ask then if it is not gone.. A few bumps cam up on my other cheek and I put some refining mask that I 
had from the Proactive bundle from a few years ago...(sucked) the mask is amazing, left it on for 2 nights in a row and
the bumps have completely gone. 
That's about it for now..