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Wholly Shit

Posted by sal1917, 15 January 2013 · 654 views

So I don't know what is working right now, but something is surely doing its job..
In the past week my face has cleared up sooo much, yes it's still hell red and has
bumps, but like half! and for the first time in maybe 4 months I wake up and it doesn't
hurt! no more feeling like my skin is too small for my face- it is amazing! and make up
can almost cover it completely hooray!!! which is extra good because I have a job
interview in 2 days.. i wonder if it will be even better by then.

I have switched from Cetaphil face wash- as i think it sucked, didn't ever wash off my make
up, instead I am using Sukin- foaming cleanser. It's all natural and smells like heaven..
it has lots of nice ingredients.. I am thinking of changing to sukin moisturiser as well
but I wont push my luck yet. bonus is its only $10 :)

I am almost done with week 6. I will post photos in a few days and you can see what I
am raving about. MAGIC!! haha

have included pictures of all my lifesavers :-)

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I remember that feeling, of the pain on my face finally stopping. I was just as happy also. The look of acne wasn't just the problem but indeed the face physical pain played a huge roll as well. I'm glad you are there too!

Hey, I like your blue background for the pics =) Pretty!
haha that's my fancy bathroom benchtop!
yes it's a great feeling having no feeling! still good now so I hope that this is the start of
it leaving me.