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Posted by sal1917, 08 January 2013 · 1,326 views

Sooo i started applying Epiduo gel last night followed moisturiser, it stings like a bitch so I hope it does something.
i know they say not to use anything else while on accutane but I have gross white dots every where and im trying
so hard not to pick so hopefully this dries them out without me having to attack them. i went to work today and wanted to
hide under the counter. shall see how that goessss.

I totally support you using epiduo. It works wonders and I have heard of people using multiple other medications while on accutane including anti-biotics. Epi-duo works great and is obviously a prescription so your dermatologist must agree with you on that?
Anyways, good luck!
Epiduo is pretty great, it takes about a month or so to start working, but when it works it WORKS. Hang in there!
I have used EVERYTHING--including The Regimen (which has been the best non prescription thing I've used) but EpiDuo us MAGIC. I stayed clear ONE year and a half while using it. Of course, the regular breakout will appear, but it zaps away in a couple of days. A-ma-zing. Keep it up!
PS: My medical plan doesnt cover EpiDuo anymore so I am relying on The Regimen and Origins products. :/ But at least I am pretty clear! :D