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Day 185 Of Accutane.

Posted by ls206816, 22 July 2013 · 549 views

Finally I have made it to my 7th month! I go to see the dermatologist on Thursday. Basically this month I was suppose to be on 80mg but I've only been taking 40mg which was the recommended dose from my dermatologist if I was going to be out in the sun. I'm still not totally clear. I have a few small whiteheads on my cheeks and on my chin and one above my lip. I just back from a trip to California and I saw my aunt who also suffers from acne and who was on Accutane three times with no luck. She has recently gone back on birth control which seems to be the only way to help clear her acne. We both have very similar skin types and problems based on irregular or unbalanced hormone levels. So if Accutane fails me (I really hope not) I'm going to get my hormone levels checked even though I already know something's not right with them and then either try spironolactone or birth control.

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