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Day 52 Of Accutane.

Posted by ls206816, 11 March 2013 · 663 views

So My skin is a lot drier than it was. I figured since it was getting warmer and more humid out that my skin wouldn't be as dry but that's obviously not the case. I've also gotten at least five new cysts that are really painful and the sides if my face and forehead have broken out pretty bad. I really don't know what to do about moisturizer now. I currently use a mix of CeraVe, Eucerin, and Cetaphil and its still not helping as much as I would like it to. Next I will probably buy Bio oil or Jojoba oil. Also with makeup I'm going to switch to BB cream.

My eczema has pretty much cleared up with Eucerin Advanced healing lotion and Aquaphor.

My chest also seems to be clearing up finally. And my back too but not as much.

omg ...please dont put oil on your skin. P. Acnes is the bacteria that causes acne and oddly enough, its main food source is oil and dead skin. Try a nice oil free moisturizer if you must, something like this: http://www.neutrogen...sortby=ourPicks

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