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Battle with Acne

Day 5 Of Accutane

Posted by ls206816, 23 January 2013 · 580 views

Hello everyone! Well today was better than yesterday! I feel less insecure today even though my skin looks worse lol. Weird how that works. I didn't really sleep well last night .. It could be because I'm stressed about my skin and Accutane and also the possible side effects. Last night all I could think about was my skin and I'm kind of obsessing over it...

Day 4 Of Accutane

Posted by ls206816, 22 January 2013 · 687 views

Worse day ever. I'm feeling depressed, Insecure, and stressed. Depressed because my skin looks like crap (not a side effect from Accutane just because I feel bad for myself lol), insecure because I feel like everyone's staring at my skin. And stressed because my skin looks like crap and midterms are coming up and some finals.

Today my skin is dry and...

Day 3 Of Accutane

Posted by ls206816, 21 January 2013 · 629 views

Hi guys! So today is my 3rd day on Claravis 10mg! I was suppose to go on Absorbica but I guess my pharmacy doesn't carry that! So since starting my skin is horrible! I have maybe 3 cysts that I didn't have before and lots of whiteheads so far I don't have any dryness that I didn't have before but we'll see! I'm...

Visit To The Dermatologist!

Posted by ls206816, 17 January 2013 · 521 views

So today I went to my derm appointment and I will be starting Accutane on Saturday!!!!! Yay! Basically I didn't even have to go in today! The person from my last appointment messed the process up and I ended up getting an extra blood test done for no reason! Which really sucks because I hate needles and blood and medical...

Debating Accutane

Posted by ls206816, 06 January 2013 · 627 views

So I'm having conflicts with myself on whether or not to go on Accutane. I was sick this week so I went on azithromiacin (sorry that's probably not spelled right) and my skin cleared up quiet a bit but I still have six cysts on my face! I've heard of some people being prescribed this antibiotic for acne and I'm wondering if I should just...

Touching Your Face

Posted by ls206816, 04 January 2013 · 849 views

This is probably the BIGGEST problem I have and seriously need to get over. I really have no clue how to do this but my acne always gets and looks worse whenever I pick or touch my skin. I know it's really gross and I need to stop this bad habit! Some people say to keep busy, wear gloves, paint you nails, any others?

Also I need to stop letting my...


Posted by ls206816, 03 January 2013 · 4,672 views

The type of isotretinoin I will be taking is called Absorbica, a drug that was recently launched. Unlike other isotretinoin this can be taken without food and works just As effectively. This also comes in smaller doses. I will be taking 10mgs a day.

Healthy Food Diet

Posted by ls206816, 03 January 2013 · 539 views

So basically about a month ago I started looking up healthy food diets for clear skin. I started eating a lot healthier and eating more fruits vegetables nuts and seeds. I saw pretty good results. I make sure everyday to eat fruits and vegtables of all colors and ate lots of almonds and walnuts. I also tried to stay away from white bread, pasta And dairy...

Preparing For Accutane

Posted by ls206816, 03 January 2013 · 796 views
mosturize, cleanser, cetaphil and 3 more...
In preperation to starting Accutane my dermatologist told me to stop using topical creams to prevent drying and peeling of the skin because while on Accutane your skin can become very sensitive and dry.

So basically I've been using Cetaphil Gentle Face Wash and Cetaphil Lotion for Dry, Sensative skin. He also gave me smaples of the CeraVe face cleanser...

Some Information

Posted by ls206816, 03 January 2013 · 463 views

Hi guys! Im Lauren, I'm 15 years old and Im here to tell you about my struggle with Acne. Ever since 5th grade I have had acne. I never really got picked on until 6th grade. Over the years I have tried topical lotions, creams, and gels but those never worked. About a year ago my dermatologist put me on my first oral medication Solodyn. It helped...

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