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Battle with Acne

Day 15 Of Accutane!

Posted by ls206816, 02 February 2013 · 342 views

No headaches today! I took my pill this morning instead of the afternoon like usual so that might be why. So I might just take it in the morning from now on! I had lots of peeling on the sides of my nose today and I go a weird bubble thing on my finger next to my cuticle that's filled with pus. it's kinda painful and I don't know if its from taking Accuta...

Day 14 Of Accutane!

Posted by ls206816, 01 February 2013 · 402 views

Half way through my first month! I seriously already feel like I've been taking Accutane forever. Today was a pretty good day! I feel good about myself and I had no headaches or concentration problems. I also ate chocolate for the first time since Christmas so that might be why... Lol I love chocolate. I did wake up with a few small but painful cysts. I h...

Day 13 Of Accutane!

Posted by ls206816, 31 January 2013 · 438 views

I'm having headaches again today. Also I feel like my lungs are really tight and its hard to breathe which I believe is from dehydration also my throat is dry. I got a big cyst right next to my earlobe. But my skin seems to be improving.

Day 12 Of Accutane!

Posted by ls206816, 30 January 2013 · 484 views

No improvements. Still dry lips. Still dry face. Still itchy scalp and face. Still oily hair. So I think the 10mg has done all it can for me. Next time I'm at the derm I'm hoping he will prescribe 30mg. No headaches yet today. Also I've been using my clarisonic because my skin can tolerate it and I feel like my skin has so much dead skin on it. I use the...

Day 11 Of Accutane!

Posted by ls206816, 29 January 2013 · 492 views

My face is so itchy! Lol I'm itching my skin throughout the whole day! But it's not that bad. My lips are a little dry. My face just has some dry patches. No improvement in my acne. Acne on my chest is starting to dry out. My hair is still oily but itchy. No headache yet today. And my finals and midterms are finally done!!!!! Yay!

Day 10 Of Accutane!

Posted by ls206816, 28 January 2013 · 492 views

Finished my first box! I woke up this morning with a huge headache and it took 6 cups of green tea to get rid of. Also I didn't wear any makeup today because I didn't have school!!!! That's pretty much it. Still dry skin and lips. Still acne and no improvements. I can't wait for my dermatologist to up my dosage.

Day 9 Of Accutane!

Posted by ls206816, 27 January 2013 · 530 views

Almost through my first box! So today my lips cracked on the sides! :( ouch! So I basically slathered on vasaline and I need to go get some aquaphor  badly! Other than that not worse acne and no improvement in existing acne. I still have dry skin. My hair is a little less greasy but still dry scalp. My headaches have greatly improved and I only had a slight...

Day 8 Of Accutane!

Posted by ls206816, 26 January 2013 · 473 views

My face looks pretty good today! My scabs are pretty much gone and no new breakouts!

I did have a little headache but it went away. I'm feeling kind of disoriented lately and that's definitely from the Accutane but its nothing to bad. My scalp is still very itchy so I deep conditioned again this morning but my hair is still oily. My lips are also more dry...

Day 7 Of Accutane!

Posted by ls206816, 25 January 2013 · 471 views

Yay! I made it through my first week! So my skin is doing pretty well right now. I'm not really sure if I had the IB because everyone is saying that you don't get that for a few weeks or months. But they also said you don't get dry skin for about a month and I do have that.

The breakouts that I did get starting Accutane are gone or have dried up and are...

Day 6 Of Accutane!

Posted by ls206816, 24 January 2013 · 667 views

Hey guys! Well I'm almost at 1 week! That's super exciting for me!

Anyway my skin is still dry even though I've been moisturizing like mad. And it shows up underneath my makeup so I'm probably going to get a moisture spray that I can carry in my purse and fix my makeup during the day. I'm thinking about Mac fix + or just getting those Evian water face...

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