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I'm Cured

Posted by BeObdient319, 01 January 2013 · 589 views

First off, every product or remedy does NOT work for everyone. Everyone has a specific skin type. I'll start by describing my specific skin type, what ALL products I've tried, how long I've struggled with acne and so forth.
I am 21 years old just like someone with acne prone skin, I am extremely oily in the summer time and very very dry in the winter time. This particular fall my skin freaked out! I've always had a few pimples here and there, but nothing I couldn't control. This last October I experienced the worst breakout of my life on the right cheek. On a scale from 1-10 it was about a 8 and my left cheek was about a 6. I panicked and went straight to sephora and asked for the highest qualified skin care specialist. I told her I want the best product in the store and I don't care how much it cost.
She pointed me in the direction of clinic. I've used clinic before and It worked on the few pimples that I used to have. But in my mind i thought that I needed something stronger since it was worse this time (BOY WAS I WRONG). So she told me to try murad since it had every fighting acne ingredient in it. WORST DECISION EVER. it literally burned my skin and broke me out even more :( (ill post pictures). Between the retinal, sulfur, salicylic acid, and every other harsh ingredient, my skin hate it and hate me for using it! After one week of hell I stopped. I developed acne cysts that I've NEVER had before.
I went to the Doctor to see if I could get an antibiotic for it. (Since cyclic acne can not be treated topically). I began taking bactrim (I had 21 pills and took them twice daily with water). After about 14 pills I started seeing results!
I continued to take my antibotic, increased my intake of water (went from 5 glasses a day to 9). I also stopped eating dairy products because they have hormones in them (hormonal acne is on the chin). Ate one organic red acne a day (an apple a day keeps the ACNE away ? ;) apples have pectin in it and after you eat it and use the bathroom you release toxins from you body) and for spot treatment I used 2.5 Benzoyle Peroxide. (Got it from wal mart for $7). I use ultra repair cream which is a great moisturizer for sensitive skin! (Sephora for $16 and it will LAST) it feels so good and smooth when it goes on.
I stopped drinking alcohol and staying up late. They don't call it beautify rest for nothing! Sleeping at least 8 hours a night gives time for your skin cell turnover ratio to improve.
At night, on pimples right after I wash my face I get an ice cube and rub it on the pimples to reduce redness and swelling. It works wonders! Then after I moisturize and put BP on my pimples over night. The face wash I use it clinic acne foaming cleanser (sephora $14).
My acne went from a 7.8 overall to about a 2.1. Which is great progress! I still have the acne scars but I rather live with those than huge pimples!
If you guys try my method I encourage you to let your face breathe and stop using whatever you're using to give your skin time to calm down and recover. Switching products immediately can harm your skin.

I have Tons of pictures and don't know how to post them :( someone let me know how.
(I don't know how to delete a comment. Sorry)
Glad it's working for you. My dermatologist prescribed me a bunch of topicals, and I'm scared to use them because it contains those ingredients that seem harsh and those I have read as irritants before. But I don't know what else to use :(

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@acnebeewax if your derm. prescribed them I would start off using them only every other day 1 time a day. I did that with even gentle products. Over processing my skin irritates it. But i posted pictures on my profile in an album.
Great. I shall do that. I just started with them yesterday, so I'll skip some tonight then slowly use them everyday. Thanks.
Good luck and tell me about your progress!
I was on bactrim about a month ago for 3 weeks and I ended up getting the worst headache of my life! It lasted four days straight! So I stopped taking it but it did help clear my skin in the little time I used it!

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