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Day 34

Posted by allensara25, 04 March 2013 · 583 views

I started my second month a few days ago with a increase dose from 40mg to 60mg/day.  I am still breaking out but my red marks are fading fast! I have two cysts on the right side of my face and about 4 nodules on the left side of my chin.  My forehead is clear other than a healing blemish.  Overall, my skin tone is improving but I am supppp...

Day 18

Posted by allensara25, 17 February 2013 · 392 views

I just finished day 18 today. No big difference yet. I think I'm going through my IB, not sure tho..I've been dealing with constant breakouts so it's nothing new for me. The overall tone of my skin seems to be improving so that's a good sign!  I've been able to put my contact back in with no major problems (knock on wood). My aren't watering like cra...

Week 1

Posted by allensara25, 14 February 2013 · 342 views

Well, here are the week one results on Accutane. I actually just popped my 8th pill. The only side effects I have to complain about are extremely dry eyes and my joints are a little bit stiff. Also, my scalp has been feeling pretty itchy lately. I've been washing my face with cetaphil 1-2x a day, applying cetaphil moisturizer 2-4x a day, using my carmex a...

Ready, Set, Go! My Start Of Accutane

Posted by allensara25, 01 February 2013 · 374 views

3 pregnancy test, 2 needle pricks, 2 visits to my therapist, multiple trips back and forth to my dermatologists office, 1 iPledge test, and about $50 spent on chapstick, lotion, and a humidifier..I am set for Accutane!!! It never felt so good to hold that box of pills in my very own hands.  :)  I have only been on it for 3 days now so there...

Calming Down

Posted by allensara25, 24 January 2013 · 419 views

It's been almost a month since I've been on doxy, retin-a 1%, clindamycin, and benzol 5% and I already notice a HUGE difference.  The cystic acne on my cheeks has gone down drastically, but there are still a lot of the under the surface bumps. My face is also still pretty red and there are left over red marks from the previous pimples.  The...

Anxious For Accutane

Posted by allensara25, 02 January 2013 · 377 views

Well..the new year has come around and I'm starting accutane in less than 30 days with approval of my psychologist (I have a history of depression/anxiety/OCD...yikes I sound crazy!!). I think a lot of my "mental issues" these past few months have been a result of acne..so let's hope I get the OK from my doctor.
Even though I have...

Day 1

Posted by allensara25, 29 December 2012 · 627 views

Today is my first day posting pictures. My history with acne is super extensive! I finally got the courage and OK by my doctor to start the course of Accutane, which I am both excited and nervous about. I have suffered from acne since age 13 when I started the Pro-Activ regimine. It worked wonders for 2 years, then I broke out with mild-moderate acne....