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Day 8

Posted by Primetime828, 31 December 2012 · 744 views
So today is my 8th day on Accutane (Generic version), and so far I have experienced dry lips not cracked yet but they are quite dry. I also have experienced a little increase in acne, but feel that the worst is just about to happen. I see a bunch of pores that looked clogged under the skin so I expect them to reach the surface soon. What I'm really...

Background Info

Posted by Primetime828, 26 December 2012 · 581 views

So I have had acne, very oily skin since about 8th grade and am now in 12th grade my last year of high school. I am now finally on Amnesteem 40mg a day (Generic Accutane). My dermatologist finally prescribed it after being on retin a micro and doxycline for 4 months, then ziana and minocycline for 2 months. I don't know what type of acne severity you...

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