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Day 02 - Pantothenic Acid

Posted by CNA7, 28 December 2012 · 849 views

cystic acne cyst acne zit self esteem
Day 02 -- Woke up this morning with another cyst on my chin.... however I think it's directly correlated with my intake of alcohol the past couple of days. I have been drinking more than normal (the holidays) and I have been drinking red wine. Come to find out, red wine and acne are directly related if drank in excess (GREAT. My new life problem). I usually will have a glass with dinner when my fiancé and I go out, but just in the past few days, shit has hit the roof. SO. Although I am on this new Pantothenic Acid regime, it is only day 02. So i got to give it a week, at the very least. I haven't broken out in new "zits," just this one cyst (which I will be getting a cortisone shot tomorrow morning for). I leave for Hawaii in 5 days, so its grind time to stay hydrated, eat well, and stay away from wine .... http://www.acneskins...d-wine-related/

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