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Day 01 - Pantothenic Acid

Posted by CNA7, 27 December 2012 · 517 views

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Day 01 of the Pantothenic Acid and so far so good. Last night I began the regime by taking 8 capsules or 4 grams of Pantothenic Acid, and so far today I have taken 10 capsules, about 5-6 grams. I have no new zits, and my cysts are almost gone since getting two cortisone shots yesterday afternoon. I have no side effects from the high dosage Pantothenic Acid (derivative of Vitamin B5). Along side the Pantothenic Acid regime, I have been using Dan's Regime products, cleanser, BP, and moisturizer. I also have on hand my anti Cyst Treatment, http://www.reneeroul...tTreatment.aspx which seems to help even on small pimples as well. I have yet to use it on a cyst (as I just received it yesterday, after I got my cortisone shots) and I hope I will NEVER actually have to use it on a cyst, because I don't want one. And I don't plan on having one ever again (crossing fingers!).  I use Terra Firma Cosmetics (the best mineral powders without Bismuth Oxchloride, fillers, or harsh chemicals -- like the ones you find in Bare Minerals). It is very reasonably priced and a little goes a long way. Check them out -- www.terrafimacostmetics.com. I am also under my Naturopath doctors watch, so this isn't just a regime I pulled out of no where. For more info on Pantothenic Acid,  check it out -- http://www.drdach.com/Acne_B5.html

Onto the rest of my day. Updates later on.

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