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The Pretty Girl, With Acne

Posted by CNA7, 26 December 2012 · 2,182 views

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I have returned from the dermatologist office -- two cortisone shots done, and taken like a champ. Now I am on to starting my new oral regime. The Pantothenic (Vitamin B-5) Regime, which I am doing so under a Naturopathic doctor's discretion (I have come to find that most Western doctors like to dope us up on antibiotics -- which can ultimately lead to or cause other various problems...for instance, my newfound hypersensitivity to Gluten and Dairy products).... OH HOW I MISS CHEESE! Seriously, who DOESN'T just LOVE a good, aged white cheddar? It's a horrible thing to give up, but the Gluten I can live without, but the cheese.... wow, that is harsh. So now that I am off every antibiotic known to the people, I feel much better, but still cannot tolerate the gluten and cheese.... but just for optimism's sake, I guess I'll always end up being a skinny bitch (and for that I can be thankful). OK. So the title of this blog post is a SERIOUS one. "The Pretty Girl with Acne" WTF. I thought about this earlier today, I know I am not the most beautiful person on the planet, but seriously, my dermatologist said to me today, "we can't have a pretty girl like yourself walking around with two cysts on your chin..." GAHH. This is how I feel on a daily basis.... (not to say that I think I am gorgeous or even "pretty," but at some level I have a smidgen of self confidence to know that this statement is partially, somewhat true) And at that, extremely frustrating! F***! WE all are beautiful, pretty, cute, handsome and drop dead gorgeous, but this damn thing we call acne always seems to get in the way. Why, why, why? You know what I have NO DAMN idea why, but I am here because I believe, I hope, and have faith that one day someone will find a cure, a solution, and/or the perfect regime for all skin types.

Anyways, enough of the bitchin'. I took my 4grams of Pantothenic Acid this evening, and will have a full blown hard on of 8grams tomorrow (whoohoo). Will keep you all updated with the success (optimistic much?), maybe the depression, the tears, the frustrations, or maybe a recipe or two... I LOVE to cook by the way. I also just cleaned ALL my make up brushes (ladies this is important and I slack on this SO much....but it is my goal to clean them once a week!)

*Pouring WINE*
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