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Sick Of This Shit.

Posted by CNA7, 26 December 2012 · 815 views

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Hello friends, really -- we are all here together, fighting one common thing - the pain in my ass I call, Acne. Cystic acne, hormonal acne, food allergy acne, oily acne, red acne, inflamed acne, white head acne, nodule acne, whatever you want to call it -- it is ALL a pain in the ass. It pains me to say this, but after nearly ten years I am still dealing with acne... whether I can be clear of it for a few weeks...it only ever ends up being a "few weeks." How disheartening is that? Its pathetic. Why on earth can we not figure this shit out? So, instead of bottling my feelings up, canceling my social dates to hid in my bedroom, cry to my fiance who loves me not matter what (thanks babe), I am going to write about it. I am going to write to those who are willing read; and maybe nobody will read this blog, but you know what, I am doing it. There is nothing more powerful than words, and especially words that are written for an audience.

So there you are my friends, my two cents. Right now I am going to go get two cortisone shots....And then after that, I am starting a new regime, the Panthothenic regime. And after that....I am having a very large glass of WINE. Why? Because with all this depressing acne BS, I (and we all, of age) deserve it.

Stay tune for updates, some laughs, product reviews, and some full blown bitching.


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