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Day 20

Posted by Dinobot, 02 January 2013 · 680 views

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So here I am about 3 weeks into the regimen. Skin has slowly been progressing towards being completely clear! I have 4 active pimples right now, 3 of which are mostly the result of larger cysts that are taking long to heal. I've noticed that using lots of benzoyl peroxide really reddens pimples that you had thought had mostly healed. Anyway the other is a small one on my forehead. Weird thing is that they are all on the left side of my face.
Oh yea, I got pretty sick about 3 days ago, so I couldn't go out for New Years at all which, kind of sucked. Dealing with fever, chills, congestion; all that business. I head back to school in 2 days and start class in 6, so hopefully these 'remnant' blemishes clear up by then. Either way, I'll be enjoying the student life for the next 4 months, so that means lots of time lifting, eating, studying. and of course, partying. Until the next entry!

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