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2 Months Post Tane, Back On Tane

Posted by JDW, 05 November 2013 · 173 views

So to keep it in short form:
  • Finished my course around the 20/8
  • Cumulative dose of atleast 150mg/kg
  • Was about 95% clear when i stopped
  • Derm recommended I stay on until i was 100% clear (To clarify 100% clear for a couple of months then go off, I was say 100% clear for a week then I'd get a small one then not have another for another couple of weeks during the last couple of months)
  • Stayed 95% clear for about 5-6 weeks
  • Stressful period started to break out again, maybe one or two for a couple of weeks
  • Booked a derm appointment
  • By the time my appointment came around, about a week ago, i had ~5 actives on my face
  • Discussed options
  • Now back on Accutane on a smaller dosage of 20mg, derm thinks 40mg is a good dosage
  • Been back on for a week, breaking out the worst I have for a long time, maybe an initial breakout?
  • Sucks

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