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A Summer of Tane

Week 12Ish, Round 2

Posted by JDW, 03 February 2014 · 142 views

1st checkup with derm today for my 2nd course
Had been on 30mg for a month but went back down to 20mg to stretch pills before this appointment
Talked to derm and we decided to stay on 20mg for atleast 3 more months
20mg minimises my redface amoung other side effects
Redface status: Mild
Skin status: 90% clear, approaching what it was like when I finished...

Week 5, Round 2

Posted by JDW, 03 December 2013 · 146 views

Doing these in short form from now on:
1 month on 20mg
Minimal side effects
Likely intial outbreak as I broke out constantly
Redface status:minimal
Upped to 30mg (20/40) as of last friday
Increased side effects (more dryness)
Redface status: Moderate
Breakouts slowing down?
Thinking of staying on 30mg until my next derm appintnment and asking to be on eit...

2 Months Post Tane, Back On Tane

Posted by JDW, 05 November 2013 · 173 views

So to keep it in short form:
Finished my course around the 20/8
Cumulative dose of atleast 150mg/kg
Was about 95% clear when i stopped
Derm recommended I stay on until i was 100% clear (To clarify 100% clear for a couple of months then go off, I was say 100% clear for a week then I'd get a small one then not have another for another couple of weeks during...

Month 3-8 Summary

Posted by JDW, 13 August 2013 · 899 views

Month 3-8 Summary Dosage:  From 40mg - 70mg a day, 60mg/80mg daily alternating.Weight:  79kg, did hit 80kg for a couple of months but back down to 79kg as of now.Cumulative dosage:  12000, at least 150mg/kg. Up from my initial prediction of 9600 for 120mg/kg. Months left:  <1, should be done in a couple of weeks.Other:  Self upped my dosage to 60...

Accutae Update: Redness/derm

Posted by JDW, 31 July 2013 · 460 views

So I haven't updated in ages, had the best intentions to keep track but in the end I really had nothing to write about. Firstly I'm going to talk about my redness, its pretty much the only side effect that I currently care about as the others are all the minor manageable ones. As I've stated, explained, complained and bitched about previously I look...

Month 2 Summary

Posted by JDW, 25 February 2013 · 523 views

Pretty late with this, I'm in week 11 or so... Month 2 Summary  Dosage:  40mg, 20mg twice a day.Weight:  77.5kg, up a couple kilos since starting but trying to gain weight.Cumulative dosage:  9600, at least 120mg/kg.Months left:  6Other:  Was on Bactrim during this time Skin Status:  Acne mild, no initial breakout, one or two new pimples a week...

Week 7

Posted by JDW, 04 February 2013 · 441 views

So I skipped week 6 due to slackness and lack of anything to really write about Week 7:   So not much happened during week 6, the most exciting thing was that I accidentally used AHA instead of moisturizer, had to wash if off and was worried that it would make my skin redder which I dont know if it did. This week everything generally stayed...

Week 5

Posted by JDW, 21 January 2013 · 464 views

So I've been slack, havnt done my week 5 update and also wanted to do a 'one month summary' entry aswell, maybe I'll do that another day.

Week 5:
Not much change which I perceive as good. Redness still annoying but I think it may be slightly improving. A couple new small pimples on my cheek. The oiliness of my skin is...

Week 4

Posted by JDW, 12 January 2013 · 482 views

Another week on 40mg and no major changes, the ones that have occurred are slightly my own fault.

So a goal of mine for my skin right now, seeing as I'm not worrying about acne and letting tane do it thing, is to reduce the redness from tane. I'd been putting on emu oil around week when I did my last update and planned on doing that for around a...

Week 3

Posted by JDW, 04 January 2013 · 457 views

Not much change this week, I haven't really been breaking out much anyway, maybe a mixture of mild acne and taking Bactrim. A couple more new pimples this week, small one on my forehead and another on my right cheek which will unfortunately leave a red...

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