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Starting The Battle: Week One

Posted by JWaltersRN, 13 December 2012 · 755 views

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I am going to be 30 in a few weeks and have been fighting my face since 12 years old. As a teen my acne settled in my T-Zone, only to move off of my nose and camp out on my cheeks after pregnancies. I tried all the OTC products, quit using make-up and generally made myself crazy for the last 10 years.
I would have bad breakouts around my periods, but due to other factors i had a hysterectomy this year. Suddenly I started having huge cystic acne in addition to the never ending rounds of surface acne.
Diet, topicals, daily pillowcase changes and never letting my hands or hair touch my face did not help. My make up pours off in sheets, and I live in a nearly negative humidity environment.
I finally threw all my face products away and started using OCM for my cleanser. I mix 1/3 castor oil, 1/3 EVOO with 1/3 grapeseed oil, and use 2x per day. I follow this with non-soap, organic cleanser to make sure I get all of the oil off. I have been using for 3 weeks and have no oil slicks!!
I do a mask 3x per week of raw, organic honey and cinnamon, smear on and let sit for 20 minutes, then massage and remove with warm water.
My acne had improved about 50% when my dermatology appt was set. The derm offered me Accutane, but that kind of freaks me out, so we are starting with 100mg of Spironolactone for 1 week, then upping the dose to 200mg daily. I apply differing gel nightly. I have a Salicylic acid peel scheduled for Friday to help with the MILLIONS of red mark and dozen or so pock marks that have scarred my face since cystic acne entered my life. If I don't have make up on, it looks like my whole face has been splattered with paint. Luckily, most of these marks are flat, so easily covered up with thick foundation.
I have a palm sized breakout on my left cheek that looks like raw hamburger, and has been exactly the same for 3 months. Nothing pops, diminishes or changes ever, and they are DARK purple and painful, several of them are raised and makeup just looks like chewed gum... gross.
So, today is day one of the Spiro and Differin, and we shall see how things go. If not improved in 3 months, Accutane is the last resort.

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Just did a salicylic acid peel 20%. Tingled, but did not "sting". Left it on my forehead, cheeks and chin for about 2 minutes, and around my nose for 1 minute as this are is the most sensitive and prone to irritation. Also used as a spot treatment on this giant zit that decided to pop up on my chest this morning. Washed that off after about 4 minutes, even though it never tingled. Immediately after, that pimple came to a head and oozed. Awesome!
There was another active pimple on my upper lip that also immediately puffed up and oozed so I gently pressed it until it stopped draining.
Then I covered my whole face very well with an oil-free, fragrance free SPF 30 moisturizer (Neutrogena).
My face feels very soft, no discomfort or redness.
Since I am also using differin, I will wait about a week before trying a 2nd peel.
I made sure to only apply one layer, and not let it "frost" as this can increase the irritation and worsen physical peeling. I would rather have cellular peeling, than have my face come off in sheets!
Will post updates as to how things go with the peel.
Very slight peeling to the right of my chin, totally gone with hemp oil.
Did an OCM deep clean this morning to help with dryness and to clear out some backheads on my chin. Reduced them to about 3.
Cysts on cheeks have gone almost totally flat, only about 5 white bumps, not pustules, remaining. The only active zit I had on my forehead has dried up to a red mark only, and that just arrived on Weds, so 2 days isn't bad timing for it to shrivel up and DIE!!!
So far I'm pretty pleased with how the Differin and SA peels have improved my current regimen, looking forward to Spiro preventing anything new. I'm also excited for the continued SA peels to see how they effect the PIH and scarring. I started getting shallow pits in my cheeks since the last baby. Time to scrape those OFF!

Will add Pics next week after my 2nd peel.

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