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Acne And Wrestling

Posted by ShadowsA, 06 December 2012 · 884 views

wrestling acne acne and wresting irratation
Okay so i just started wrestling and I have been on the regimen and so my acne was clearing up. During practice, my face was smearing all over the dirty floor, opponent grabs chin and rips my acne( my chin is the worst) and i dont know what to do?! HELP! I dont want to quit because people will call me a pussy...

OH MY GOSH! I'm sorry that happened! What ever you do, do not give up! I know participating in sports can make acne a lot worse, I should know because I have to wear a helmet all the time! You could try using Polysporin cream to help heal the damage that has been done! (just use the cream not the oil based one!) If you really love wrestling, definitely continue with it! I don't know that much about wrestling, but all I can suggest is thoroughly washing any equipment you use, especially if it's around your face! And after practice or a match I would wash your face with just water or a mild cleanser to get all the sweat and dirt off. I hope that helps somewhat! I totally understand what you are going through, since I've done my fare share of sports! :)

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