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Day 33?

Posted by vll, 29 December 2012 · 485 views

Sorry for lack of updates! However, not too much change has occurred. I have less cystic pimples which is nice and now my skins mostly pimples that come and go within a few days, blackheads, and closed comedones. My monthly check in went well and I've been bumped up to 40 mg so I'm hoping no extreme breakouts happen or severe side effects... We will see!

ugh, since this update my skin has regressed! Not sure if this is due to the fact I've been bumped up to 40 mg or the fact that I'm getting my period next week. Either way, I have 3 cysts on my right cheek, 2 pimples on my chin, 2 smaller pimples on my left cheek, and 1 on my neck (what the hell?!). Grrr... Can't wait for some real results!!!

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