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Return Of The Breakouts.

Posted by annie ell, 15 February 2013 · 752 views

breakouts spots acne
So, I've been meaning to blog about how using the Dermalogica products the dermatologist recommended went.
Not great, is all I can say.
The daily microfoliator is brilliant, but it doesn't clear up my skin.
the face wash isn't brilliant and I felt it dried out my skin.
the toner seems to do nothing at all.
The brighten up spf 15 tinted moisturizer was great at first, until I developed more spots and it just seemed to clog around them.

I'm writing this in a particularly defeated manner because I'm suffering another bad breakout. I restarted pantothenic acid but I haven't seen any effect and they're just getting worse.

return of the ugliness and misery, I guess.


*hugs* keep your head up! it'll get better!!!