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Stress And Acne

Posted by annie ell, 09 December 2012 · 734 views

stress acne
This Tuesday I have an exam and quite frankly, I'm terrified.
Furthermore, I couldn't help noticing that because of all the stressing over it these past few days, my skin has worsened which begs the question of: 'Does stress make your skin worse?'

Well, I'm going to go with a yes.

And if it does, then life really is a bitch. Its just like 'Hey, you seem stressed. Would a nice healthy dose of spots help with that?'
Which subsequently makes you stressed over those spots, which seems to cause more and so on. Its just a viscous circle.

Anyway, aside from that, if you're a sufferer of stress, try taking a couple of deep breaths, focusing mainly on exhaling for 8 seconds after inhaling for 5. Always seems to slow my heart rate and help me think clearer. Meditating is also supposed to be a great stress reliever. Find a nice quiet spot where you will be undisturbed and either load up some mediation music or sit in silence and clear your mind of worries. Try to focus on one thing, so perhaps visualise a candle flame and focus on how it moves and flickers, or the changing shape of a cloud.