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Posted by annie ell, 29 November 2012 · 628 views

I have no idea if it affects acne, but sleep is a state where the body can rid itself of toxins and rejuvenate itself, hopefully flushing out nasties from your skin. More sleep also is said to lead to less stress, and stress is something which can cause breakouts, so its gotta be good, right?

Pros: Its just great, stress relieving, restorative.

Cons: Being unable to sleep sucks really bad. As does getting to sleep and waking up. If you have trouble sleeping, some remedies are: lavender oil, no caffeine after midday, shutting off screens an hour before you go to bed, having background noise (i.e quiet radio).

Recommend? To all! Curl up in your duvet with a hot water bottle and get ready to be taken on a crazy dream adventure.

I did find that I'd get mild flare-ups when I got into a habit of sleeping at 4am.
I have pretty bad acne, my skin always seems to look nicer when I've gotten a lot of sleep. Not sure to what extent, but the redness is always less severe, and inflammation seems to be down. Sleep is great for you! zzzzzzzzz