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Week 1

Posted by unicorntears, 23 November 2012 · 569 views

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My mother commented on how severe my face was looking this morning. It's red, raw, and bumpy as all hell. It honestly hasn't looked this bad in years. I recently read somewhere that with a Retin-A initial breakout/purge, you can expect 15 months worth of acne in the span of 3 months due to the accelerated cell turnover. I seem to have experienced that in the span of a week. I kid you not, my forehead was clear last week and rn looks like a pizza parlour started serving pepperoni pizza up in there. This is honestly insane.

I think I'll slow everything down and let my skin rest for a while.

Anyway, I usually drink about 3-4L of water a day, so today I'm substituting about half of that with green tea.

I'm looking in the mirror and just laughing, 'cos I don't know how else to react. A year or two ago, I might just be bawling by now.

Update: current picture here - it's an iPhone photo so it's unfortunately worse irl, but you can see how red and rough my face is when you compare it to my shoulder. I also just updated my first entry with a video taken during my first Accutane course.

3-4L a day is a lot. yeah for me :) maybe those bumps and redness are just for a while. mine is just full of bumps with scars too. and i just got the new one today.
hey maybe you'll be clear soon. pray for you ;)

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