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My Current Skin Regime (23/11/12)

Posted by unicorntears, 23 November 2012 · 550 views

regime ice aloe vera tea tree oil humidifier
So, last entry I talked about using Neo Strata's Ultra Smoothing Cream (10% glycolic acid) and Retin-A (0.05% tretinoin). However, reintroducing these two products together, after not having used either for over 1.5 years, turned out to be a tad harsh on my skin! My face is incredibly angry right now, and suffering from both chemical burns and some residual sunburn, as well as the break out I experienced a couple of days ago.

I'm eliminating the Neo Strata Cream for now; I'll reintroduce in when my skin settles down a bit.

But, having skipped a few plans in order to stay home (don't you hate that), this is what I've been doing the last two days:

I've been icing my face with both ice packs and regular ol' ice cubes. A fair warning that you'll experience ice burns if you're too harsh with this, so consider some sort of barrier between the cube/pack and your face, or be incredibly gentle. After a couple of regular ice cubes, I decided to make a batch of ice cubes infused with green tea and lemon. They're both meant to be good for your skin, so why not?

Aloe Vera Plant
I have an aloe vera plant growing in the yard, so I cut off a stalk and have been applying the gel quite liberally over my face after the icing. After this I opened up and rinsed out one of those cloth face masks and placed it over my face. Then I took one of the green tea and lemon ice cubes and gently iced over it. Then I've just been re-applying and re-icing throughout the day.

Some nights, I'll sleep with a humidifier on in my room. I've recently been adding a few drops of tea tree oil to my humidifier. As you probably know, tea tree oil has antibacterial properties and is often touted as a natural alternative to benzoyl peroxide. Now, the effect a tea-tree-humidifier may have on acne is probably minimal, but it can't hurt, right? Plus, there are a host of non-acne-related benefits.

I'll update in a week or so.

i think its always best to go slow when reintroducing stuff.

I know what you mean about the chemical burns and sunburnt look etc when i used sa or aha it was a nightmare.

Wel all skip a day or to its annoying but sometimes its we need to refocus and get our self back in check.

the ice stuff sounds good just be careful like you said.

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